History Of Soundcloud And Its Importance In Journalism

Soundcloud is an online platform developed by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wajlforss for recording, distribution, and promotion of music. The two developers met while they were students at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, both of them sharing the passion for music. Their business started in 2007 and was supposed to facilitate communication and collaboration between musicians, especially DJ’s who needed to share their recordings.

Short History of Soundcloud

As the opportunities of collaboration with important names in the music industry were higher, and the operation costs were lower, the two developers decided to move to Berlin soon after the business started working.

Alexander and Eric began the development of the platform in a Berlineze coffee shop. Not long after that they moved into a large building and hired 50 people to help them finalize it. Soon after it was launched, it threatened MySpace position on the market. Step by step, soundcloud became a platform where musicians could distribute and promote their music while interacting with their fans.

Unlike MySpace which offers songs only on the artist’s pages, this platform allows sharing of songs through widgets with audio-player that can easily be inserted in any webpage. This way, it is much easier for music to get to its listeners.

As time passed, and the platform developed, it began to offer more and more interesting features. Besides the possibility of recording and uploading music on any mobile device’s personal account, Soundcloud offers a social network for its users. This social network presents two main advantages. On one hand, it allows collaboration between artists and on the other, people could leave feedback about the platform. The soundcloud platform also allows integration with other social networks to facilitate communication. Buy real soundcloud followers to get more fame on soundcloud.

Also, users can enter groups of discussions and talk on a wide range of music related subjects. Additionally, they can search through old playlists for artists or songs they would like listen to. What is more interesting is Soundcloud premium services. One among premium services is soundcloud plays. You can buy soundcloud plays to attract more visitors. This means for a certain amount of money, you can download professional apps that allow you record and share music. Also, with this service, you can access detailed statistics about the number of the listeners for each song.

Soundcloud in Journalism

It is a complex platform that can be used in many domains. Journalism is one of those. Here is how you can use the soft in your advantage:

  • Recording and sharing sounds from your smartphone to your tablet or laptop: This is important in journalism as it allows you give up on using a recorder. If you buy a supplementary program, like VC Audio Pro, iRig Recorder or FiRe Studio, you can also edit audio sounds on your iPhone.
  • Searching for sounds: If you have to edit news or short stories, you can do a search on Soundcloud player lists for audio songs that would fit the theme of your news.
  • Accessibility: The Soundcloud player can be incorporated in websites and blogs.
  • Sound maps: The team that works for the platform can help you develop sound maps if you need something creative in your field of work.
  • HTML 5 Player: The standard player uses Flash to run which means that it cannot be used in iPhone or iPad. Soundclound also has HTML 5 player which allows it to work on Apple devices.
  • Record an interview on your smartphone: You can use the conference feature offered by your mobile network, and add your phone number on the Soundcloud platform.

Top 10 Apps To increase Instagram Followers

Though Instagram needs no introduction but the way we can use Instagram to the best of its ability remains an unexplored genre till date. We all know the images are far better than texts and you can easily draw attention towards your business by uploading several images which depicts what you do and what your future plans are!

If you are on Instagram then you will definitely need followers to make your existence fruitful. Therefore, with these apps you will get your Instagram followers within no time making your business popular among the huge customer base.

The top 10 apps to increase Instagram followers are:

1. Instatag – Hashtag has been a popular way of expression on social media site and if you want to use the same to increase your Instagram follower then here is an app which will help you. Depending on the category of your image or the geo-location, this app will tag your photos on Instagram making sure that no one misses you. The price that you have to pay for this one is as low as $0.99.

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3. InstaCommentor for Instagram – Finding it hard to manage comments then take the help of this app to revert back on time as it will sort out comments depending on which one has been replied and which one is not.

4. Textgram – There is some content for which you don’t have any image, then take the help of this app and create an image out of texts, emoticons, stickers, templates and by using different combinations of color.

5. InstaPicFrame – If you are fond of collages then this app will help you get one done with different frames. This kind of an interesting way of putting up your images will help you with Instagram follower.

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8. Followers – With this app you will be able to gain followers and also know who is not following you back. So in a way it is a treat for you as it doubles up as a tracker also.

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