The Diwali Lights: Accidents And Precautions

Diwali is the festival of lights and the lights of the Diwali are the most significant one. The lights have immense spiritual values and also they are great decoration ingredients in the festival of lights. The in house light in the Diwali are not the electrical bulbs but are the lights of Diya.

The diyas are the lights which glow with a peaceful flame and are ignited in the earthen cups with cotton and oil. The oil and the cotton and the fire itself all are something that are prone for accident and there are numerous accidents on the /day of the Diwali due to those diyas. The fault is not in the diyas but in the person controlling the diyas.

Accident caused

The general accident that occurs from the diyas is the catch oil the fire in the curtains or in the saris or garments. The sari touches the diya flame and the fire quickly catches the new sari or the new garment or the churni of the new salwar suite.

The external lights, which are generally the tiny bulbs are made shot due to the electrical problems and the shot takes a giant shape when comes in contact with the watery surfaces

Remedies and precaution

The new saris and the salwars are to be worn on the eve of the Diwali, and that is a general practice. People keep aside these garments for the purpose of Diwali. There is no offense or mistake there. The women, whether they are wearing a sari or a salwar suite, whether that is new or an old one, they have to work for the arrangement of the festival.

There also is no mistake. Then where is the mistake? The mistake is at two places, firstly in the placement of the diyas and secondly is in the quality of the garment, or the cloth of the garment.

The cloth of the garment must not be of synthetic nature as the synthetic garments are prone to catch fire. Wearing new garment is not the problem, but wearing a synthetic garment or putting a synthetic curtain on a day like Diwali is nothing other than foolishness.

The placement of the diyas is another important thing that may decrease the chances of the accident by a lot. The diyas are never to be placed in the middle of the floor or the floor space and they should be placed at the side of the floor where the floor touches the wall. For more Diya placement tips on Diwali, visit Diwali Blog!

This makes the diyas placed at the safe place and their placement at that part of the floor decrease the chances of the accident by a lot. The external safety can be maintained by keeping the water away from the electrical appliances and the lights.

Fire is dangerous and electricity also, but they can be easily kept under proper vigilance to keep the risks away. Bit carefulness and the few practices can make the risks out of the house and the Diwali can be a very effective and a rejoicing event.